Aquarium Freshwater Fish: Choosing Fish for Your Aquarium

Ever dream of having an aquarium to be set up at home?

Already making a list of freshwater fish tanks and all the other accessories needed to get you started?

Well, let’s stop first for a minute and think  it might be better for you to know exactly what you’ll need and why.

To start off, you must first know exactly what kind of freshwater fish you are planning to raise.

Now, this may take some time, depending on your preference, because of the numerous kinds of fish out there, but its always helpful to note and take a little research about these fish before you even buy anything. Learn about their natural habitat, their necessities and environmental conditions for survival, among other things.

You don’t really want to purchase a freshwater fish that’ll soon end up dead just because you don’t know how to raise that certain fish, do you?

Don’t Worry, It’s Not so Complicated

Check out your local fish supply store and ask the staff members there; they should be able to tell you in good detail what you’ll need for a start.

  • Do these fish go well with plenty of plants inside the aquarium?
  • Do these fish prefer alkaline or acidic water?
  •  Do these fish get along with other kinds of fish well?
  • How about their feeding routine, and the way they eat their food?
  • How about the property of the water? Are the fish freshwater aquarium fish or of something else?
  • Also, how about the mean temperature of the aquarium itself, and its compatibility for a certain fish?

These are some of the things that you can ask them for you to learn more about your potential companions.

We All Love Food

foodFeeding the fish is probably the most frequent of all the maintenance that you have to do when taking care of your pets, and when taking care of multiple fish, knowing the eating habits of each and every one of these fish is very important. Fish commonly eat in two different ways, by eating from the surface of the water, and eating at the bottom.

If you are occasionally feeding your fish by sprinkling food at the water, beware, because not all of the pellets that you feed them go down to the bottom! This is because there are aggressive surface eaters that try and hoard all of the food for themselves, leaving your bottom eaters to starve. Address this problem by knowing which ones are the surface eaters and bottom eaters, then try to group them

Aggression Issues

You must also check for other issues involved mixed fish species, such as open aggression. There are fish that typically like to “bully” their smaller roommates, often biting at their tail, leaving the smaller fish totally defenseless. And beware of the fact that other fish often find themselves unable to resist the urge to take their roommates for their next meal! Again, you have to consider grouping them by proper categories to prevent these unwanted situations.

So, whatever kind of fish you are planning to raise, regardless of whether it’s a regular aquarium freshwater fish or of another kind, it’s important to consider what kind of fish they are exactly, and how they will interact with other fish that you also plan to raise inside the aquarium.

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